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Drain cleaning


•A professional & friendly team with an unmatched success rate in unblocking drains.

•Over 20 years experience using the most advanced drain cleaning equipment available.

•Same day service with an immediate response to your call.

•Licensed and insured.

•Free, no obligation quotations.

Queens Village Plumbing and Heating is a non-toxic, biodegradable drain cleaner. It creates no toxic fumes like other harsh caustic drain cleaners, no heat to burn you and no boiling to ruin or corrode your pipe work, there for it is very safe to use for you and your drain pipes.

It will not attack living tissue or inorganic materials, only dead organic matter like hair, food particles, grease, cotton, paper & sewage spills. This makes the safest drain cleaning product for people, plumbing pipes and the whole natural environment on the market. Queens Village Plumbing and Heating turns the unwanted accumulated waste material the causes blockages in your pipes into harmless water, CO2 and mineral ash which runs harmlessly out of your drain system. These elements are then available to be absorbed and reused by the environment.